chucky the tv series

i love to say i at first did not want to watch the new tv series about chucky. i thought it wood not have any of the actors from the past but i was dead wrong. it is really cool i benged watched the show in one day. cant wait for the second season to come out man. is where people can grab that show and more if you want to know. it is free to do this. i did not like the chucky 2019 cause of the actor for the joker made chucky kind of sound to happy and chucky is not that happy. the question on everyone’s mind is why is chucky a fuckin robot man that is stupid of all things. in the others he was not a robot stupid producers and wanting to get money man. leave older horror films alone assholes. sorry for you and your money grubbing. but it is not for me the more you make the more you fuck up in some cases. not in the case of this chucky show it is awsome. he even says how menny he kills at the end of the season. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah funny as hell. not for the people he killed but it is just a show lol. cant wait for more. who is waiting with baited breath for the second season of chucky like i am.

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  1. ahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahah childs play 1980s and the one from 2019 is great, gunna say the 2019 had better sounds but the one in the 1980s is way bedder.

  2. i know lol and i am glad mark hamil was not chucky in the series cause he is to fuckin happy to be chucky lol. have you ever heard of a fuckin happy chucky lol that sounds like a clown? not me.

  3. and the actor of chucky 2019 was mark hamil and now, brad dourif is back as chucky he played childsplay 1 2 and 3, bride of chucky, curse of chucky,, cult of chucky and chucky season 1

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