happy birthday babe

happy birthday i know your day might not be happy or feel special to you, but if you stumble here you can read my words. Happy birthday, and a happy new year. i might not be with you in body or mind but in spirit i am here with you. i wish the best on the best day of your birth. Happy happy days always. for you for ever lover. i know it is a few days early but i wanted to be the first one to wish you a good day and good wishes and loads of cheer and light on the day of the 16th of june of this year. glad to be with you for as long as i have and pray to be with you longer then the sun and the moon and the planetts. you hold my heart and i hold yours always.

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  1. some one is stocking my friends blog and picking on her about age and other with her boyfriend they are legal to date ok they both came to me about there concerns about people getting on the bloggers case about there age. so yes then i went and checked and it is legal for a 31 and 16 year to date ok cause she talked to the guys father and he said age is just a number and then i went to googles and looked it up to and yes legal in her state is his age and the same where he lives to ok i don’t know all that is going on but please give her a brake man

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