shots and more shots for your furry friend

at 12 weeks you should get the beginning shots for your kitten or puppy. distemper feline leukemia and canine leukemia and raby shots. then in 3 to 4 weeks go back for there boosters for the ones i said above minus the raby one. make sure to get there nails checked and check there gums to see if they are pink or white if they are white something is wrong and if they are pink they are fine and healthy. remember shots are helpful to keep puppys and kittens safe. the raby and distemper are every year. and keep up with worming and other for them you don’t need a sick pet. love them and they will love you they are angels with out wings sent down from heaven to help us all remember that my friends.

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  1. my kitty is outdoor, she is very nice, she likes to play and is very sawft. Oh and I have a dog her name is balie, and the kittys name is tipsy

  2. i do wana say if you get the thing for the feline leukemia only if your kitty is an outdoor kitty if an indoor kitty you see you don’t really need it and same for the doggy thing as well i think

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