hello to all people on elton. it has come to my attension that user is coming on to random people’s elton calls and spamming them. why are the elton people allowing this. i hope they can fix this please, cause it makes my and every one’s nvda’s crash. i also have to restart the hole nvda client i bet i am not the only one. please guys who ever else is having this problem with this person comment here and what not. I cant deal with the spam and not beeing able to control my pc at all cause of the spam he causes.

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  1. He called me last week, and all he did, he just spammed my chat, and the dice rolls as well, which makes my computer freezes up, and all I have to do is restart my computer which I don’t want to do, very ignoring!
    I do want to say it’s that if new people is joining the English community conference and when he comes in, that’s just gonna ruin it for everyone, just saying.

  2. no kidding he came in to a call with me and another person that has commented on here so ya it spammed me to hell and back man crashed my nvda a few times

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