monkey pox is real.

A rare disease called monkey pox is beeing spotted in south florida. is it going to spread and how bad is it please read up on this and i will to just be wary about monkey pox it popped up on my yahoo to day about the spread of it so ya. in south florida supposed to be a rare thing but ya be safe. it is a viral disease be concerned if you around people you see. i wonder if there will be a vaccine for it next lets hope for that in future. i will look in to this thing more and leave it in the comments and you guys as well if you want can read up and tell me what you find as well about this on the comments as well. hugs and magic and sparkles.

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  2. Just because we look it up, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the case.
    If you google is marijuana good, you will see articles saying it is good and articles saying it’s bad, so you choose your point of view, but we can’t really impose it on anyone.

  3. monkey pox is a viral disease ok and it is not just like covid it is just like the mumps and is spreading and other man don’t scare people i looked it up and it said it is that so ya

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