why do people not seem to care

fine here is the words on my mind. i am tired of people not caring about my feelings. i mean the snarky remarks about things like there beeing a forem post already about audio vault was making me about to yell. I did not see or know about it for one. ok and 2 fuck all of the haters that hate on me for any fuckin reason. i am a nice person and if i am a nice person then why treat me like trash under your feet. i am tired of beeing put down and made to feel like an under dog from hell. i was asked to be a coworker on my friends blog. so i posted things on my mind. like i said on my feed do i not have fuckin freedom of speach or is it back in the time where women don’t have the right to say shit or other. i think it is 2022 and not the 1900’s thanks for women’s rights to vote and say what is on there fuckin mind. and second om i cant say how i feel when i am upset wow what a crock of bull shit. again freedom of speach. i am having a time with the hotel where i am staying treating me like i cant do shit cause i am blind now i am having people on elten treating me that way to it not going to fly got me i am tired of beeing treated horrible man. that is most of what is on my mind if you want more i will post more in future but ya. if i posted more now it wood be a fuckin book hahahah grrrrrr.

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  1. what is not illogical about my feelings and what not i have the rights to be upset and man it took months for you guys to respond and thanks for the mean comments

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