remembering 9 11

this is a post i wrote on september 11 of 2022 on facebook. Here it is below.

to day is the day we remember 2001 and the tragic loss of menny lives and
other. we remember when 25 pilots got on board our planes and took us
and took us and hit the towers and tryed to hit another place but thank
to the people on that plane it crash landed from it’s mark killing every
one on board. they are heros even if they lost there lives they kept more
damages from happening. evil came to try to wipe us out and it lost. to
is the day to remember the day of loss and to know we are still never
to let people take us down cause we are all free and when people take us
over and push us down we are no longer free we are slaves and we are not
slaves. just remember my friends the big loss of 9 11 of 2001 sorry for
having to do this but it is a memory to let people know i remember even
i was young it rocked my young little life

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